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Imatest tells us that, of the three phones, the iPhone 6s delivers the sharpest images. It scores 1, lines on the center-weighted test. The center and mid parts of the frame are crisp, but the outer third does show some softness 1, lines.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Battle of the big screens | IT PRO

The iPhone 6 Plus isn't that far behind, notching 1, lines on the test; its edge quality is actually a bit better at 1, lines. Sample variation may play a part in terms of pure image quality, but one thing that's clear is that the lens on the new iPhone doesn't resolve quite enough detail to take advantage of its high-resolution sensor. Even though it packs more pixels than its predecessor, the advantages in detail are relatively slight.

Keep in mind that, because of the strength of our lights in our resolution scene, the iPhones defaulted to a virtual ISO of —at lower ISOs the scores would be higher. The Galaxy S6 has the weakest sharpness score of the trio. It scores 1, lines on the sharpness test, which is less than what we want to see in a photo. Its edges are quite soft when shooting at But even so, the center parts of the image show just 1, lines.

Galaxy resolution tests were performed at ISO , its lowest sensitivity. One other issue with the wide image sensor—if you shoot at When cropping Galaxy images to 4: We do use variable power lights in our testing lab, but are at the mercy of the camera app as to which ISO it chooses. From left to right: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have the same still image quality.

Mobile spy iphone 6s Plus vs galaxy ace

In bright light—outdoors, even on a cloudy day—your phone is going to default to its lowest ISO. So I compared a shot from each model at its base ISO. On both models, the camera's resolution has been upped from 8 to 12 megapixels. The iPhone 6 was already one of the best phone cameras around, and it's capable of taking some truly stunning photos. That Apple had taken something already superb and made it even better was an intensely intriguing prospect. As a photographer, I was very excited to take the new 6S Plus for a spin around an unusually sunny Ealing, West London to see how the new camera compares to the older iPhone 6, as well as its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6 -- another phone that we at CNET found to be a superb photographer's companion.

A quick note on resolution: All phones were shooting on full automatic mode, and at maximum resolution. For the iPhone 6, that's 8 megapixels, with 12 megapixels available on the 6S Plus. The Galaxy S6 offers 16 megapixels, although at max resolution, it takes its shots in a wider In actual fact, the vertical number of pixels isn't all that different 2, pixels on the S6; 3, pixels on the iPhone 6S Plus.

Local storage has become less of a sticking point as more users shift their data into the cloud or remotely access office networks, but for those that still require lots of space, you'll be pleased to know that both phones offer decent storage tiers, with the iPhone 8 shipping in either 64GB or a whopping GB. There is a GB model available in South Korea, and there's talk it will arrive in the west at some stage, but it's hardly worth waiting for.

There's no denying that the iPhone 8 Plus is a powerful device, but unfortunately, it's handicapped by a pretty woeful battery life. The question is whether that's worth it. Perhaps the biggest sticking point for many customers is their loyalty to a particular operating system.

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While the topic creates tribalism and those firmly set on iOS are unlikely to switch over to Android, it's worth considering how useful the operating system will be for a business user. One of the platform's biggest selling points is its robust security, widely known for being one of the more difficult operating systems to hack. Apple operates strict controls over the iOS ecosystem, so there's comparatively little chance a buggy or malicious application is going to find its way to the App Store. That's not to say that Android isn't secure.

With the Galaxy S8 Plus' Android Oreo , Google has made strides to clamp down on malicious apps, including restricting programs to asking for specific permissions when they are needed, such as access to a camera, rather than asking users for blanket permission up front.

Mobile spy iphone 6s Plus vs galaxy s8

Unfortunately, given the fragmented nature of Android, and the many different smartphones running the OS, not all devices are upgraded to the latest versions at the same time, and with some devices, an upgrade may arrive months after the software was launched. At one time Apple boasted the biggest and best app store, but that's changed in recent years and it's now rare to find a new application that's platform specific.

Mobile spy iphone 6s Plus vs galaxy s8. Mobile spy iphone 8 Plus vs galaxy s5?

Free galaxy s5 spy app

Mobile spy iphone 8 Plus vs galaxy s5 - Spy tech for phones; spy software iphone 7 Plus. Now this is only for the unlocked model, unfortunately, and not for the Verizon model.

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iPhone 6/6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - Camera Test Comparison

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Mobile spy iphone 6 or samsung galaxy s5

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